Real Quality for Real Families


We landed an interesting campaign for White Cloud, a private label paper company that makes household paper products. Their concept was “We know ‘Family’ (and they meant “family is whomever you say it is”) and they wanted us to produce a spot featuring a real couple and their pet. We loved the idea and thought it was a good fit for White Cloud, whose slogan is “Real quality. For real families.” 


Our first challenge was finding a real couple with camera-friendly pets and a home that was right for our shoot. Fortunately, after posting a casting call on social media we quickly received over 250 responses. We narrowed that list down by pictures and conversations and then selected forty to trial in front of the camera.

We then interviewed each couple in their home to ensure they - as well as their pets- would be comfortable in front of the camera. We also needed to make sure that their house was suitable for our production and that they would not be intimidated by a crew of 25 people descending upon their home. 

We didn’t have the luxury of doing a typical casting call since we needed to see their home and witness their interaction with their pets. We also wanted to make sure that their pets wouldn’t stress out on the day of the production. 

We split our team into 4 crews and divided the 40 interviews between us. It was fun to meet the couples, get to know them, and find out why they were interested in being a part of our project. It’s rare to have that opportunity before a shoot when there will also be a lot of people and activity.

Being invited into these couples’ lives was amazing. To meet them all, observe them in their homes, the way they lived, how they decorated, and the pride they had for their families -it was easy to imagine the shoot coming together. 

We narrowed our candidates down to our top twenty choices and submitted them to the creative team at the agency for selection. Once they made their picks, we prepped for an intensive one-day shoot.

All the pieces fell into place. We were able to find the perfect family for the project. Our couple, Whitney and Stu, took to being on-camera right away and had great chemistry. Their timing was perfect and they worked well together, so it was easy to see they made a great couple. 


We created 30 and 60 second spots and photographic stills, featuring Whitney and Stu. The end result was an endearing story about their unique family; the two of them, and their dog Cody (since the shoot, we hear they’ve added a little guy to the mix!).

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