Teladoc Media Library


The Teladoc project came to us long before COVID. Our job was to produce an entire library of visual assets for Teladoc, a leader in telemedicine. We were given six different patient personas to capture in stills & video along with three doctors who would be conversing with them via the Teladoc app. 

We always hope for a span of several days to shoot, but the timeline only allowed for a two-day production. We had to put a lot of thought into how to execute the shoot so that we could capture the volume of images we needed. 

Additionally, we needed a diverse group of talent to show people of all ages, ethnicities, and social groups. Casting this group, plus locating a variety of venues, were the other challenges we had to work through in this project.


For each patient featured, we needed to capture them feeling ill, conversing with the doctors via mobile devices, and also feeling better. We had a great time during the casting, watching people fake illnesses. Castings are fun. In the end, we were able to cast a great multicultural group of people. At the same time, our locations team was doing an amazing job finding a wide variety of locations close to one another, allowing us to spend more time shooting than in transit.


This video was put together by their team and ended up being used everywhere. It's not a sexy topic but the video helps people to understand the seismic shift that is now upon us in telemedicine.

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