This project started out relatively small and slowly grew as the client's needs evolved and they learned of our capabilities. The original scope was a series of stills for a coffee table book featuring their art collection. In the end, the project grew to include stills of the  interior of the new hotel and function rooms, a 360 tour of the whole property, a library of lifestyle imagery, and six 15 second spots.


We produced the casino’s photo and video marketing assets over a period of six weeks and three trips to the property. It was beneficial to break up the project into a few trips to save money and reduce stress on the hotel and its staff. Since we had different crews scheduled for different parts of the project it was easy to schedule the trips by which specialties we needed where and when.

Our casting director sourced talent for the live-action scenes from  up and down the eastern seaboard, creating an eclectic mix of people which added authenticity to the finished product. 

In addition to great live shots, we were tasked with getting drone footage and the hotel is only about two miles from BWI Airport. We brought in our favorite drone photographer and he  obtained FAA permission and shot some absolutely killer footage. This guy is so good he all but followed the talent in through a sliding glass door from a balcony on the twentieth floor to get the shot.


This project was very fulfilling and the results were quite amazing. And as we were traveling home from our last trip shooting video in Baltimore, we were thrilled to find stills from our project were already up all along the concourse.. 

Full post production took a few months between all the different teams and deliverables. Though we work with trusted post-production teams suited to each aspect of the content, we like to stay involved to see the vision through to fruition.

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