Tapestry Wine by SC Pictures


 Weave Your Story is the brands' tagline.  Tapestry is a new wine that is being marketed towards the 25-30 year-old crowd.
 The concept was to shoot a friend's get-together on a rooftop overlooking a city featuring the Tapestry bottle. The ask was for fifteen finished still images, a :30-second spot, and a :15 cutdown. Since Tapestry is being positioned as a love letter to California's Paso Robles, we figured that we needed to bring something special to the party.

The Production

For casting, we spread a wide net as we had a specific look we were going for. We scouted for days and finally found an amazing location sixteen floors up in someone's apartment.
 The irony is that we found it because our intern had been at a house party there a few weeks earlier.
With the prep done, we were ready to go. Drama ensues as Dallas had a freak cold front roll through town and it was windy and 40 degrees. (sixteen floors up). Unfortunately,  we did not have the latitude to move the shoot as the client was coming in from northern California and our day was the only day it was going to happen. In came the heaters (which did not do much) but the talent were all troopers and motored through. You will notice a few coats but they seemed to work with the vibe. The shoot started at eleven and went until dark and just got better and better.


The client was thrilled and the product launch is underway. This type of combo production is what we excel at doing, they are the sweet spot for SCPictures. 
We bring a broadcast level of production to our still shoots and a still photographer's eye to our live-action shoots. 

Thats a wrap

The finished project was a huge success. The players got a lot of positive attention, boosting their confidence and moral. Our good will not only gained us additional access to the campus to shoot the other athletic departments

Let’s Work Together

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