Producing During Covid

COVID Safety

During the early days of COVID we were lucky enough to have some amazing clients who wanted us to complete a project that had been cancelled in early March. During production, we decided to kill two birds with one stone. Since we were following the Texas Film Commission and DGA guidelines, we decided to produce a shoot within a shoot to show the precautions we were taking to keep client, cast, and crew safe, as well as get the message out to our other clients and friends illustrating how we were working carefully.

The biggest challenge during these unprecedented times has really been getting adjusted to working under these different conditions. I will say that I hope it is not the new normal and this passes soon.  After a day shooting, you remember why we do what we do and how much fun it is.
Also, I do believe that future work is going to get much better since everyone has stepped off the treadmill of life for a second and has been forced to reassess their true direction.


The whole project was a huge success. Not only were we able to create some great spots for our client but we created what will be a piece of history on how we evolved rapidly to produce projects safely during this pandemic.

Check out one of the spots and production stills from the project.


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