Our challenge with this project was to find a location within five miles of Pizza Hut's test kitchen we could use to create assets for the NFL postseason. We had prior history with the creative team selected by the client, so we were excited about the project. The only obstacle was the area around Pizza Hut's test kitchen, which isn’t exactly location rich.


Nevertheless our team found a home, one we’ve used several times since, near Pizza Hut. It needed a kitchen off the family room and we did not want it to be a “McMansion”. 

Pizza Hut needed a spread of different assets; including GIF's, Boomerangs, stills, stop motion and a 15 second spot.

We started the day with the most complicated spot, "Sweet Catch" as it was going to be the most challenging. We spent a few hours setting up the scene and rehearsing, but assumed we’d trash the room on every take. 

The AD called action, Courtney, our star, made her move and... nailed it the first take -which never happens! Everyone was shocked (but excited) and the remainder of the day was just the crew having fun and being creative.


The agency handled all the post-production on this project so we were not involved, but all I can say is that they did an amazing job with it.

That's a Wrap!

It takes a village and that is what makes it fun !!!

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