Our job on this project was to capture the feel of a small, exclusive spa resort on the shore of Lake Austin. The resort is independently owned -not part of a large chain- and does not run on private equity. The venue is a labor of love for the owner, and they have put together a world-class experience in a spectacular spot in Texas. Our challenge was to help them compete with all the much  bigger players in the industry. They needed visceral content that helps people get a feel for the place and what they’ll experience during a visit.


When working in a busy facility, especially a small one, it’s very important for our production teams to be efficient and leave no footprint. With only forty rooms,there aren’t too many places to hide a production crew in the hotel itself but we did what we could  not to disturb the guests. 

Our contact at the client was a seasoned CMO who knew exactly  what the owner wanted from the production and has worked on projects like this in the past., which is always helpful.. 

After some planning, we figured out how to could produce the content we needed with a minimal crew while still getting great footage of the entire resort.. We moved quietly and stealthily around the property, capturing what we needed when guests were not around. 

The resort is on a large piece of property in the rolling hills outside of Austin. Take our word for it, sunrise at this place is incredibly beautiful.


The Lake Austin Spa & Resort has been voted in the top ten spa resorts by Conde Nast Traveller for ten years running. We shot a lot of footage and stills, but this place still had more to see. Still, the client was pleased and we think the work speaks for itself.


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