Kyler Murray for Kretschmar


The concept was simple, Kyler Murray, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback, walking into an Albertsons Store and making Kretchmar meats the hero. Simple, sure the brief was that we needed to shoot a :30-second spot on location in a store as well as get Kyler in a residential kitchen environment for a long-form social piece. In addition, we needed to film him on greenscreen for a social video and create a portfolio for stills that could be composited into social posts. Sounded like fun, but of course, there is always a caveat. We only had six hours to do all this, including moving from the store to the home. It still sounded like fun for us.


I could totally go into the nuance of production etc, but it really came down to the first thing Kyler said to me, "Stewart, just don't make me look lame." At that point, I knew he would put his trust in us doing him right. We had done our prep well, and we were ready. The store was set when he walked in as was the house pre-lit, so barring any unforeseen glitches we'd be good. Our six hours went so fast, but we had accomplished what we set out to do.


Our client was happy, sales of Kretchmar meats increased in the Phoenix area, so it was a success. We ended up prepping some social posts that Kyler put out on his K1 channels as well. Working with professional athletes is something we do quite regularly. It is always a good time, and this was no different.

Thats a Wrap

It is always the team that makes these projects sing. We strive to work with the best people in the industry, and this project was no different. Thank you, Phoenix.

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