Much has already been written about portraits... Portraits are ubiquitous. We see them in museums. We see them in books and magazines.e. The fact is, people love looking at other people. 

Portraits always reveal something about the subject, no matter if they have their guard up or if they are totally open and engaging. As a photographer, shooting portraits gives you the opportunity to meet people and get to know them. The social aspect of the job is what drew many of us  to photography in the first place. 

Do you recognize anyone from this selection of our work over the years?

Portraits are like biographies. When taking a portrait, you typically get to know the subject a little.  We love the stories, especially the early parts of how they got to where they are now. The human experience is so varied and so interesting. Not one person's experience is quite like another's.
Meeting people and attempting to see the world through their eyes, even for just a few minutes, has been a key factor in keeping our passion and creativity alive over the years.

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