Garth Brooks Campaign for Fritos

The Brief

The brief was short and sweet and it read, “We may have Garth Brooks for forty-five minutes at Frito-Lay's HQ next Thursday at one PM. Hold the time, and we will get back to you with a concept." 

Despite warnings that this wouldn’t be a big budget production, we were excited for the project because we’d worked with creative team previously and trusted that whatever they were cooking up would be a fun project.



We went to work, scouting the HQ, diving into their creative process, and helping to shape a working concept for the shoot. The idea we landed on was having Garth Brooks help out the receptionist at Fritos by taking over while she went on break. 

We got sign-off from Garth, but still needed a script and didn’t have the time to get one vetted by the creative team. Stewart, always the steady hand of experience, had been in situations like this before and knew what to do. We hired an improv troupe, gave them an outline, briefed them, and prepared to film with three cameras to maximize the footage we could capture. 

The Frito-Lay's HQ is large and echoes, and we were scheduled to be filming during lunchtime. That made recording audio a challenge but our team knew what they were up against and managed to get clean audio despite the conditions. Crowd control was also a challenge, because the busy HQ right after lunchtime is a very busy place. We managed to shoot the spot in a blistering forty-five minute production because the talent was extremely professional and did a great job of playing off one another. It went fast and we had a lot of fun in the process.


We shot multiple takes and each had a different bit that worked. We’re very pleased with how the final product turned out. Sadly, the spot got very little airtime as Garth’s new track took “center stage” during that time. Still, if you have any old Fritos bags lying around, see if there is a free Garth Brooks download in it. You may have a collector's item.

The Men in Black... Hats!

It was such a pleasure to get to collaborate with a legend. Garth is a true professional. He was open to trying anything, and I do believe that he really enjoys every second of whatever he commits to doing, and I look forward to our next encounter.

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