Performance Flex Fit Shorts


The brief for this project asked for a set of four 15 second spots featuring Dickies Flex-Fit Shorts as the ideal choice “for the working guy”. For talent, the client wanted us to source guys from industries where it was typical to wear shorts on the job. My team was tasked with finding these regular guys with real jobs as opposed to putting talent into these spots. In the end, we had a few tough-guy models sprinkled in here and there, but for the most part, it was real guys doing their real jobs.


We sourced a fabrication shop, a bike messenger, a construction crew, and a microbrewery as our locations. Since the spots were going to be fast cut vignettes, we needed these guys doing what they do every day but “for the camera”; meaning, sometimes we had to have them repeat an action a few times. 

We briefed all the guys and went to work. We shot half a day at each location with two cameras and a still photographer and the shots we took capture the spirit of their respective crafts and their obvious love for their jobs.


The agency over the project knew the client well, as well as exactly how they wanted the brand represented, and they pushed us to find the grittiest locations while making sure not to misrepresent the jobs these guys were doing. Suffice it to say our last location was the microbrewery.

Once our editor got the footage, he was able to easily craft four really nice, tight pieces that they client loved and we’re very proud to have in our portfolio.

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