Taking a "Micro Pause"

July 15, 2019

We recently completed an intense multi week, multi city project which was really rewarding and totally exhausting.  I took a few days for a much needed break, and I headed up to the Craftsbury Outdoor Center in Vermont. For those of you who do not know it, it is an amazing training facility for rowers, runners, cyclists and cross-country skiers.

The camp was designed for elite athletes to train in Vermont’s North Eastern Kingdom, but they also have programs for “Weekend Warriors” like me. It’s owned and operated by the Dreissigacker family who also happens to own Concept 2, the original and best ergometers made (aka ergs).

We attended a sculling program where you get out on the lake three times a day to work out with a variety of collegiate coaches. Unlike some of my family members, I am a fair-weather rower, so I keep it quite basic.

A stroke in rowing is broken down into three parts. The catch, which is at the top of the stroke, the drive, where you have the blades in the water and are pulling and then the recovery where you are resetting for the next stroke. There is quite a science to it. Your movement actually never stops, like life.

One morning one of the coaches gave us a drill where we were to think there was a “micro-pause” in the recovery. By micro I mean by saying “one-one thousand”.  As I was practicing my micro-pause I realized that work and life are similar to rowing. You never really stop, as we complete projects we immediately re-set moving into our next one. Taking a “micro-pause” on our way to the next big thing on the forward progression of life.

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