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    Stewart Photographs Gary Kelly of Southwest Airlines

    on August 8, 2016 / COMMENT

    I recently the good fortune of photographing Gary Kelly of Southwest Airlines. It could have been rough as the Dallas based airlines had just endured a few days of a router glitch that forced them to cancel 2,300 flights. I have got to say that he...Read More

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    Sam Wyly - IRS bills the Texan $3.2 Billion

    on May 4, 2015 / COMMENT

    This is one from the vaults, its actually old enough to have been shot on 4x5 film. Sam Wyly is legend in Texas and even more so since the IRS just hit Wyly and his deceased brother for a $ 3.2 billion dollar tax bill, that is not an error folks, ...Read More

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    Parents for a Cause

    on April 2, 2013 / COMMENT

    Put forty parents in a room with a brillant,patient stage director named Bob Hess and what do you get ? A raucous singing and dancing review that pokes good fun at our children's school, its rules and traditions.<...Read More

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    Tattooed Hippie Mommas

    on September 13, 2012 / COMMENT

    Stacy Willingham asked my old producer Erin Key if she'd come out or retirement to put together a calendar of Tattooed Hippie Momma's for a non-profit in Denton, Texas. I figured it would be a fun way to filled a few h...Read More

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    Double Wide 5.2.2012

    on May 18, 2012 / COMMENT

    Faces found between 10pm and midnight.

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    2011 APA|NY Photo Contest Winner

    on January 18, 2012 / COMMENT

    This series won 3rd place in the 2011 APA|NY Photo Contest. We just came across this entry that won third place in the AP...Read More
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    Jaap van Zweden

    on September 26, 2010 / COMMENT

    One of the great upsides to being a portraitist is the opportunity I get to meet extraordinary people along the way. Dutch born Jaap Van Zweden has been the Music Director of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra since 2008. He began studying the violin w...Read More

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Sutherland Perennials - 2126242_3393_WM.jpg
Commercial photograph of two women standing in a lake holding a towel in front of a man's naked midsection.
Client: Sutherland Perennials.
Shoot: Print and Digital Ad by commercial director/photographer Stewart CohenThe Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - 2177317_02677_WM.jpg
Commercial photograph of&nbsp;a woman&nbsp;getting ready at vanity inside the Boulevard Penthouse of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.
Client: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.
Shoot: The Cosmopolitan campaign by Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.Encanto Pops - 2167025_1108.JPG
Portrait of women embracing while kissing a popsicle for Encanto Pops "Enchanted to Meet You" campaign.
Client: Encanto Pops
Shoot: Commercial print and video production by commercial Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.BLAKES HOTEL - 2167137_0444 copy.jpg
Commercial photograph of a woman&nbsp;lounging on a couch in Blakes Hotel, London.
Shoot: Print and Digital Ad by commercial Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.AT&T - Dak Prescott - 2177254_1542 .jpg
Portrait of Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Dak Prescott.
Client: AT&amp;T
Shoot: Digital and Print Ad by commercial Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.Sutherland Perennials - 2126242_4681_WM.jpg
Commercial photograph of man&nbsp;relaxing in canoe&nbsp;on lake.
Client: Sutherland Perennials.
Shoot: Print and Digital Ad by commercial director/photographer Stewart CohenTHE COSMOPOLITAN - 2167227_H4424_WM.jpgCosmopolitan Las Vegas - 2167227_17505 copy.jpg