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    WeiHei, China

    on June 29, 2016 / COMMENT

    We just got back from a quick six day trip to WeiHei, China where we teamed up with the Chicago based animation company Calabash to produce a two minute video featuring an animated ten inch tall lizard named Mr. Timsum. All the live action pla...Read More

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    Encanto Pops "Enchanted to Meet You" Campaign

    on May 15, 2016 / COMMENT

    Its May and that means hot weather is coming. This is a project shot in Studio 306 for a new Mexican Popsicle called Encanto Pops. We cast real couples for the project and lucky for the cold popsicles because it got hot in the studio.

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    Cheetos Valentine's Day Ad 2016

    on February 10, 2016 / COMMENT

    A little Love goes a long way on Valentine's Day- Win her the ...Read More

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    Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts 2015

    on October 14, 2015 / COMMENT

    Earlier this year, in July to be exact, Tim Flannery called and asked if we'd create a still and a high energy video for one of the 2015 Fantasy Gifts for the famous Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalogue. So there we were in 110 degrees creating conte...Read More

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    Dewar's Campaign for Father's Day

    on June 16, 2015 / COMMENT

    I had the opportunity to work with The Marketing Arm and a stellar creative ...Read More

    • Olay Regenerist "#SorryMom" 1:20 -

    Olay Sorry Mom

    on May 10, 2015 / COMMENT

    Check out this great Mother's Day Campaign we did with the awesome creative team Mauriahh Beezley and ...Read More

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    Friday Night Lights

    on September 12, 2014 / COMMENT

    High School Football in Texas is like religion.

    Did you know?

    Texas high school football playoff game attendance rivals NFL games.

    In 2013, 235 Texas high school alumni were drafted into the NFL.

    ...Read More
    • Herradura Tequila "Casa de Herradura" 3:15 -

    Herradura Tequila

    on January 14, 2014 / COMMENT

    If you'd like to learn to appreciate Tequila, watch this video. We documented the process of its creation from the blue agave fields to the bottle. It is made by a group of seriously dedicated people who are steeped ...Read More

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    Galaxy Macau Christmas

    on December 18, 2013 / COMMENT

    Merry Christmas everybody, I hope everybody is having a great holiday season. These images are from Galaxy Macau's Christmas Campaign that we shot a few months ago on a 72 hour trip to Macau. Chances are none of you viewers will ever see them as ...Read More

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    Metro PCS

    on July 26, 2013 / COMMENT

    Carlos Santos hanging off a parking garage for Metro PCS, and ...Read More

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    New Work - Kickball

    on April 10, 2013 / COMMENT

    To see more from the Kickball Series visit the New Work section of our site....Read More

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    Put Your Green On!

    on March 14, 2013 / COMMENT

    • untitled -

    Human Hunting

    on October 10, 2012 / COMMENT

    The image on the left is part of a campaign the world will see in 2013 (client unnamed). The rest of the story on the right is what we did with two great talent during a mid-afternoon break. Our Stylist ...Read More

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    What happens in Vegas...

    on March 8, 2012 / COMMENT

    We just wrapped a great shoot at the Las Vegas Aria Hotel and Casino with Vegas based SK+G. We approached...Read More

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    January 27, 2012

    on January 30, 2012 / COMMENT

    Short of the FedEx woman and the lunch delivery man this is everyone who stepped into the studio on January 27, 2012.

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    Keith Urban "Get Closer Tour"

    on September 23, 2011 / COMMENT

    We were asked to photograph Keith for this ad while on a TV shoot this past summer in Albany, NY. This is my second time working with Keith in the past few months and I have got to say that he is a really great guy. H...Read More

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    on August 19, 2011 / COMMENT

    Couple of images from a new project called "Move". I had the good fortune of working with the stylist Callista Wilson from ...Read More
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    Head for the Lake

    on July 21, 2011 / COMMENT

    One thing I try to do every summer is a lake shoot. There is something so refreshing about spending a few days on a nice fresh water lake. I have learned that whether I am in Canada, Upstate New York, Texas or Colorado...Read More

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    Innocent Bystanders_Shanghai

    on March 31, 2011 / COMMENT

    • untitled -

    Heart of darkness in a cold city

    on January 26, 2011 / COMMENT

    This image represents a tale of love, lust and intrigue........you fill in the rest.

    • untitled -

    Do not fight or else...

    on December 22, 2010 / COMMENT

    Check out ...Read More


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Sutherland Perennials - 2126242_3393_WM.jpg
Commercial photograph of two women standing in a lake holding a towel in front of a man's naked midsection.
Client: Sutherland Perennials.
Shoot: Print and Digital Ad by commercial director/photographer Stewart CohenThe Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - 2177317_02677_WM.jpg
Commercial photograph of a woman getting ready at vanity inside the Boulevard Penthouse of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.
Client: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.
Shoot: The Cosmopolitan campaign by Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.Encanto Pops - 2167025_1108.JPG
Portrait of women embracing while kissing a popsicle for Encanto Pops "Enchanted to Meet You" campaign.
Client: Encanto Pops
Shoot: Commercial print and video production by commercial Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.BLAKES HOTEL - 2167137_0444 copy.jpg
Commercial photograph of a woman lounging on a couch in Blakes Hotel, London.
Shoot: Print and Digital Ad by commercial Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.AT&T - Dak Prescott - 2177254_1542 .jpg
Portrait of Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Dak Prescott.
Client: AT&T
Shoot: Digital and Print Ad by commercial Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.Sutherland Perennials - 2126242_4681_WM.jpg
Commercial photograph of man relaxing in canoe on lake.
Client: Sutherland Perennials.
Shoot: Print and Digital Ad by commercial director/photographer Stewart CohenTHE COSMOPOLITAN - 2167227_H4424_WM.jpgCosmopolitan Las Vegas - 2167227_17505 copy.jpg