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    Taking a “Micro Pause”

    on July 15, 2019 / COMMENT

    We recently completed an intense multi week, multi city project which was really rewarding and totally exhausting.  I took a few days for a much needed break, and I headed up to the Craftsbury Outdoor Center in Ver...Read More

    • MetroPCS - Demetrious Johnson - 2167125_1322c.JPG
Commercial photograph of UFC fighter Demetrious Johnson for Metro PCS.
Client: Metro PCS
Shoot: Commercial print and video production by commercial Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.

    Flyweight champion ties the record for most consecutive title defenses

    on April 18, 2017 / COMMENT

    Demetrious Johnson was a super friendly guy to work with while shooting this project for Metro PCS. He has just made history by winning his 10th consecutive title defense, tying a UFC record first set by middleweight Anderson Silva. He is curr...Read More

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    Beauty Queens in Paris

    on November 11, 2015 / COMMENT

    If you are in Paris this weekend, drop by the Duncan Miller Gallery at the Fotofever exhibition
    in the Carrousel Du
    ...Read More
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    Job Opportunity at SCP - First Assistant (Stills & Video)

    on September 17, 2015 / COMMENT

    This opportunity has only been offered 10 times in the company's history.

    Stewart Cohen Pictures is looking for a hardworking, honest and solid still & video assistant for a full-time salaried position. We are l...Read More

    • St. Jude Foundation - StJude_NightOfHope.jpg

    Stewart's Face on a Billboard ?

    on May 15, 2015 / COMMENT

    There is a reason that I am better behind the camera than in front of it, please don't crash your car if you see me on a billboard on I-30. Hats off to @Richards/Lerma for promoting a great cause, and remember sometimes being bamboozled to stan...Read More

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    Happy Corona de Mayo!

    on May 5, 2014 / COMMENT

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    He is having a facial hair quandary, which do you prefer?

    on April 25, 2014 / COMMENT

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    Emotional Mayhem

    on March 7, 2014 / COMMENT

    Our castings are often just as much fun as our shoots.

    • JFK Tribute "The Unspoken Speech" 1:00 -

    The JFK Unspoken Speech

    on November 19, 2013 / COMMENT

    The JFK Unspoken Speech is a project where we took three paragraphs of the speech that Kennedy was going to give the day ...Read More

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    on October 30, 2013 / COMMENT

    If you received a Frankenstein poster/mask in the mail, don’t forget to use it in a crazy way and post the images to #scpscare on instagram. Halloween is tomorrow!!!

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    5 POINTZ

    on September 16, 2013 / COMMENT

    5Pointz: The Institute of Higher Burning is the brainchild of Jonathan Cohen, (no relation). It is an outdoor art exhibit space in Long Island City, New York, considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca,” where aerosol...Read More

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    Back To School Blues

    on August 19, 2013 / COMMENT

    Is this how your kids feel about going back to school?

    • untitled -


    on August 7, 2013 / COMMENT

    If you enjoy perusing Instagram as much as I do while standing in line at Starbucks, follow us on Instagram. We will keep in interesting.

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    on April 24, 2013 / COMMENT

    Goodwill work we did for Make-A-Wish with Moroch. All these kids were rockstars a...Read More

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    Bradley Cooper Circa 1999

    on August 21, 2012 / COMMENT

    Funny thing happened while editing some old files. My archivist asked me if I remembered photographing this guy and if he was indeed Bradley Cooper ? I remembered the shoot, and that the guy was alot of fun to work wi...Read More

    • untitled -

    Stewart's Lucha featured on the Colbert Report

    on April 5, 2012 / COMMENT

    [caption id="attachment_1343" align="aligncenter" width="1140" caption="One crazy Dude in Mexico"][/caption] It was great to see one of my Lucha Libres images pop up on the Colbert report as he was talking about the Latino vote. Colbert does mak...Read More

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    My Old Film Fridge

    on January 8, 2012 / COMMENT

    As we were cleaning up at the end of the year we came upon the "Film Fridge" at the studio. It was still plugged in and humming. Looking in it, I realized that the day I switched to digital back in 06 or whenever it was, I never looked back. Thousan...Read More
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    Sexy Baby

    on June 10, 2011 / COMMENT

    Check out this hilarious video with Tom Hanks that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live called "Sexy Baby". ("Sexy Baby" is a parody of the TLC show ...Read More
    • untitled -

    Casting-Little Red Riding Hood

    on May 5, 2011 / COMMENT

    These are casting pictures, shot along with the typical headshots. The direction was you are little red riding hood and you just realized that the big bad wolf is following you. Look closely and try to figure out which...Read More

    • untitled -

    Meg Whitman

    on October 29, 2010 / COMMENT

    A couple years back I was invited to a global warming conference in the Arctic and had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out withMeg Whitman among other amazing people. She had just left ...Read More

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    Chinati Weekend in Marfa, Texas

    on October 8, 2010 / COMMENT

    Every now and then it’s good to just break out of your day to day routine, get away from your regular environment and clear your head. Recently I made a little journey bout 500 miles west of Dallas is the town of Marfa, TX. First made ...Read More


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Sutherland Perennials - 2126242_3393_WM.jpg
Commercial photograph of two women standing in a lake holding a towel in front of a man's naked midsection.
Client: Sutherland Perennials.
Shoot: Print and Digital Ad by commercial director/photographer Stewart CohenThe Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - 2177317_02677_WM.jpg
Commercial photograph of a woman getting ready at vanity inside the Boulevard Penthouse of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.
Client: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.
Shoot: The Cosmopolitan campaign by Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.Encanto Pops - 2167025_1108.JPG
Portrait of women embracing while kissing a popsicle for Encanto Pops "Enchanted to Meet You" campaign.
Client: Encanto Pops
Shoot: Commercial print and video production by commercial Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.BLAKES HOTEL - 2167137_0444 copy.jpg
Commercial photograph of a woman lounging on a couch in Blakes Hotel, London.
Shoot: Print and Digital Ad by commercial Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.AT&T - Dak Prescott - 2177254_1542 .jpg
Portrait of Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Dak Prescott.
Client: AT&T
Shoot: Digital and Print Ad by commercial Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.Sutherland Perennials - 2126242_4681_WM.jpg
Commercial photograph of man relaxing in canoe on lake.
Client: Sutherland Perennials.
Shoot: Print and Digital Ad by commercial director/photographer Stewart CohenTHE COSMOPOLITAN - 2167227_H4424_WM.jpgCosmopolitan Las Vegas - 2167227_17505 copy.jpg