• Job Opportunity at SCP - First Assistant (Stills & Video)

    September 17, 2015 / COMMENT

    This opportunity has only been offered 10 times in the company's history.

    Stewart Cohen Pictures is looking for a hardworking, honest and solid still & video assistant for a full-time salaried position. We are looking for a commitment of 2 years.

    This is a full time position for a person interested in an adventure in assisting with a well known commercial Director/Photographer. Must have a flexible schedule and be willing to travel, work long hours and weekends if need be. Needs to be knowledgeable with Broncolor and Profoto still gear, cameras and video lighting equipment; having worked with a Movi or Ronin is a plus. Our studio works on both TV and print advertising, and often at the same time. The person applying for this position has to be willing to become fluent in both.

    We need someone who has excellent communication and people skills and is responsible and reliable in completing their work. We are working with high-level agencies and clients as well as crew, so a good, light, fun nature is required to keep and maintain a positive presence on set.

    Assisting Requirement:

    • Knowledge of Canon DSLRs
    • Knowledge of video cameras and settings
    • Great sense of light and knowledge of all artificial lighting tools
    • Ability to multi-task 
    • Experience assisting on commercial photo shoots, both in-studio and on location
    • Be able to work quickly and proficiently on set
    • Be able to delegate and give direction
    • Knowledge of Broncolor and Profoto
    • Knowledge of Apple OSX
    • Strong attention to detail is a must 
    • Good eye for color and composition

    Other Job requirements:
    There are also general assisting duties in the studio - to make sure that all digital capture is backed up and that backing up procedures are in good, functional order. Must have great organizational skills, excellent time keeping and ability to meet deadlines. All equipment must be cleaned and maintained after each shoot and new equipment must be added to the insurance list  on a regular basis. Applicant must be able to adapt to changing situations and be able to help out wherever they are needed. A good knowledge of the Adobe Suite and Excel is strongly advised but not completely necessary. 

    Must submit via email:

    Subject Title: Assistant
    Email to: studio@stewartcohen.com

    Resume and Cover letter within email of why you think you would be suitable for the position. Submissions without these will not be considered.
    Please also include a link to your photography and video work.

    *Please do not call or send emails directly to Stewart Cohen - only to the above email address.

    Salary is based upon experience. There will be a 3- month trial period to make sure that the applicant is the right fit for SCP.



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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - 2177317_02677_WM.jpg
Commercial photograph of a woman getting ready at vanity inside the Boulevard Penthouse of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.
Client: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.
Shoot: The Cosmopolitan campaign by Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.Encanto Pops - 2167025_1108.JPG
Portrait of women embracing while kissing a popsicle for Encanto Pops "Enchanted to Meet You" campaign.
Client: Encanto Pops
Shoot: Commercial print and video production by commercial Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.BLAKES HOTEL - 2167137_0444 copy.jpg
Commercial photograph of a woman lounging on a couch in Blakes Hotel, London.
Shoot: Print and Digital Ad by commercial Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.AT&T - Dak Prescott - 2177254_1542 .jpg
Portrait of Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Dak Prescott.
Client: AT&T
Shoot: Digital and Print Ad by commercial Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen.Sutherland Perennials - 2126242_3393_WM.jpg
Commercial photograph of two women standing in a lake holding a towel in front of a man's naked midsection.
Client: Sutherland Perennials.
Shoot: Print and Digital Ad by commercial director/photographer Stewart CohenSutherland Perennials - 2126242_4681_WM.jpg
Commercial photograph of man relaxing in canoe on lake.
Client: Sutherland Perennials.
Shoot: Print and Digital Ad by commercial director/photographer Stewart CohenTHE COSMOPOLITAN - 2167227_H4424_WM.jpgCosmopolitan Las Vegas - 2167227_17505 copy.jpg